We will market your company doing service work for us.

We will invest all the money that is needed to market your company.

We will answer all the incoming phone calls regarding service that come to our web site for your area.

We will bill the customer, and the customer will pay us.

You will bill us, and we will pay you.

You are guaranteed to get paid from us.

You have noting to loose, but only to gain.

There is no catch here. This is simple business transaction. Customer will contact us when their sterilizer is down or not working, we will call you. If you will be available to go to take care of the job, we will fax (or eMail) you the customer name, and location. You will go to do the job on our behalf.

Our agreement is not written in stone, and you may void it at any time for whatever reason.




Apply today. You will get repair work from us which you wouldn't have gotten other wise.

Click Here To Enter Your Application to become Authorized Service Representitve by us, and start getting work as soon as we have one near you.

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