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Gasket Installation Instructions
1.Remove the old door gasket.
2.Clean the gasket groove with a wet q-tip.
3.Clean the chamber face ring surface.
4.Begin installing the gasket at the top of the door, then the bottom, then the left side, then the right side, and then everything in between making sure that the gasket fits flush without bumps or gaps.

Door Gaskets For Your Autoclave / Sterilizer

Amsco 613R
Amsco 8816
Amsco 8816A, 8816D & 8816M(608A)
Amsco Eagle 10
Amsco Eagle 900 & 901




Castle/Ritter 777
Castle/Ritter 1200




Cox Dry Heat





Market Forge





Harvey MDT 4000 & 5000 & Aqua 10

Harvey MDT 5500 & 7000 & Aqua 20

Harvey MDT GLS10

Hydroclave SC8
Hydroclave SC10

Harvey MDT 6000 & 8000 & Aqua 30

Harvey MDT Model D




Note:It is always recommended to replace both the door gasket and dam gasket

Midmark M7

Midmark M9 Gasket

M9 Dam Gasket

Midmark M11 Gasket

M11 Dam Gasket




Napco 8000 DSE




National/Napco 704-7000
National/Napco 704-9000




Note:It is always recommended to replace both the door gasket and dam gasket

Pelton Validator 8 Gasket

Validator 8 Dam Gasket

Pelton Validator 10 Gasket

Validator 10 Dam Gasket




Prestige 210006 & 210007





Spectroline 750





Statim 2000 gasket
Statim 5000 gasket



Steri Dent 75
Steri Dent 150





Tuttnauer 1730

Tuttnauer 2340

Maroon Color Gasket
Green Color Gasket
Tuttnauer 2540
Tuttnauer 3850, 3870




Vernitron 2000
Vernitron 8000




Wayne S500
Wayne S1000









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